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Disaster Preparation & Recovery Resources

because sometimes an umbrella is not enough...

Disaster - When will it strike you?  On the way home from work when you are driving in traffic? In the middle of the night when you and your family are sound asleep?  Power outage, fire, tornado, hurricane - All are facts of life.  Are you ready to take care of yourself and your family?


Prepare for the unexpected - Use the DisasterGear checklists  to help you think through your strategy for dealing with various disaster types.  Look through the various products links found on our site to see what items you want to include in you disaster kit.


Our History - After the devastating tornadoes in 2011 which ravaged much of the Southeastern United States, Disaster Gear was launched as a provider of information and products for disaster preparation and recovery.  We have since determined that we can better serve the needs of our site visitors by providing information and news related to disaster preparation and recovery and instead of products sold through our site, we are linking to products on Amazon and other sites where we feel that we can guide our visitors to better values in their purchases. 


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